Øystein Wika

Photo of Øystein Wika Email: oystein@wikamedia.no
Tel.: +47 901 88 434

Website: wikamusic.com
Twitter: @oysteinwika
Medium: @oysteinwika

Øystein describes himself as a musician/multimedia developer, dividing his time 50/50 between music production projects and digital media work. He's most known for his work in digital learning and educational technology (EdTech), with 25+ years of experience. His formal education is in musicology, and he has taught music theory and electric guitar for many years. Currently, Øystein is working on combining his passion for music with his work in EdTech and has a couple of exciting applications for music students and pupils in development.


During the 1990s, Øystein tried to establish a career in music while working as a freelance multimedia developer and graphic designer to make ends meet. He had written and produced some music for a new TV channel in Norway called ZTV, but he could see that it would be challenging to continue down that road with limited resources. Studio time and recording gear were expensive, and it was hard to get work without access to professional recording facilities. In 1995, coinciding with the emergent World Wide Web, he decided to go all-in on tech, putting his music career to the side.

At first, he designed posters, catalogs, logos, and other graphic design work for bands, musicians, and artists. But he was also designing websites and developing interactive CD-ROMs. Øystein was an early adopter of Macromedia Director, the defacto authoring tool for creating CD-ROMs at the time. And by learning Lingo, Director's internal scripting language, he discovered a new little application called FutureSplash (later rebranded as Macromedia Flash) and ActionScript.

Flash technology facilitated a way of getting CD-ROM-like applications onto the web. This type of work was in high demand at the time, and the requests for Flash-based websites were lining up. During the early 2000s, Øystein became one of Norway's most notable Flash experts and an active participant in the Flash developer community.

Since 2011, Øystein has picked up his music career again and has built a home studio where he composes and produces music for sync licensing. These days, Øystein splits his time 50/50 between his music production projects and digital media work.


2005 - present
Multimedia Developer, Wika Media AS,
Digital Media Company.
1995 - present
Type Designer, WikaType
Typography, font design.
1993 - present
Music Producer, Wika Music
Record Label & Music Publishing Company. Composing, recording, mixing, mastering as a solo artist, and in collaboration with other songwriters, bands/artists.
2004 - 2005
Senior Engineer, InterMedia/The University in Oslo
Lead technical developer for The National Tests In Mathematics project in Norway.
1997 - 2004
Multimedia Developer / Graphic Designer, Freelance
Projects: CD-ROM development projects. Album-cover and poster designs. Brand Identity designs. Catalog designs. Website development and design.
1988 - 1995
Musician/Music Producer, Freelance
1992 - 1995
Guitar Teacher, Music, dept. at Mosjøen Senior High School
65% position as electric guitar teacher.
1988 - 2003
Guitar Teacher, Freelance
Private guitar lessons and music theory courses. 150+ students in total.


Jan/2001 - June/2003
BA in Media Science - Department of Media and Communication, University in Oslo (UiO)
Aug/1995 - Dec/1995
Musikk Storfag (Music Pedagogical Semester) - Department of Musicology, University in Oslo (UiO)
Jan/1995 - June/1995
Ex.phil/Ex.fac, Norwegian University Science and Technology (NTNU)
Aug/1990 - Dec/1994
BA in Musicology, Norwegian University Science and Technology (NTNU)