About Wika Media

Wika Media AS (formerly Wika Media Productions) is a digital media company founded in 1997 by musician/multimedia developer Øystein Wika.

Initially, the company was set up as a pure web/graphic design agency but became more explicitly involved in developing educational technology (EdTech) in the late 90s. Between 2002 and 2017, we participated in several high-profile and publicly-funded EdTech projects in Norway.

Central to all these projects was the Flash platform technology. At that time, Flash was the only feasible option to deliver rich interactive applications (RIA) to the web, especially when developing complex interactive learning tools. After 2012, when mobile platforms became more common, we began to phase out Flash as the preferred technology.

Today, we are committed to helping create the next generation of interactive experiences for students and teachers by creatively utilizing new technological opportunities. We also require that all our brands, products, and solutions are future-proof and follow current technical standards.